Mr. Walter is currently a political activist opposing George W. Bush's illegitimate Presidency, exposing the lies, and cover-up of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Mr. Walter is living in self-imposed exile in Vienna, Austria, since he has been repeatedly attacked and threatened, and the both the police and FBI have refused to investigate. On National TV, Penn and Teller told everyone to "throw him down a flight of stairs." The ACLU has said that was “free speech” and perfectly legal. Moses and Singer, his attorney’s have concurred, saying he had no recourse unless someone actually did it.


Mr. Walter is working on a utopian novel, Walden III, a story of intrigue, but also a practical manual on how to build and operate it, physically and psychologically, covering the mechanics, the law, education, commerce, etc.


Mr. Walter has extensive experience in starting and operating small businesses and broad knowledge in finance and financial markets. He is skilled in writing and computer science and widely read in psychology, economics, behavior management, religion, and philosophy.


Mr. Walter founded the Life Skills Foundation in an effort to help

people in lower socio-economic situations, of which those incarcerated and on welfare are a significant and problematic part.


Mr. Walter was born in Tampa, Florida in 1947 and is unmarried with no children. He is the son of industrialist, Jim Walter of Walter Industries.


Work History

2003 -                         President
                                    Political Action Organization exposing
                                    Lies, and real terrorists behind
September 11, 2001 and
                                    Illegal actions making George W. Bush President


2001 -                         President
                                    Walden Three
                                    Think Tank for Cities of the Future,
                                    Green Technology, and
                                    Cities for the Poor


2000 – 2001              Acadia Board
                                    Limited Partner


1998 – 2000              Jim Walter Technologies


1993 – Present         Life Skills Foundation
                                    Training and Educational Foundation for prisoners
                                    and Welfare Recipients – 60,000 trained


1992-1993                 Institute for Rational Living (Florida Branch)
Administrative Director
Tampa, Florida
Non-profit psychology education and therapy


1985-1992                 Venture Capitalist and author in Hong Kong
                                    and  China, Hong Kong Territory, UK  (now HK,
                                    Special Administrative Region (SAR),
                                    People's Republic of China (PRC)

                                    Asia Vision, Inc.
                                    Entertainment Company in
Hong Kong

                                    Interstar Music, Inc.
                                    Music Producer in
Hong Kong

Brown's Wine bar

                                    New Hong Kong, Ltd.
                                    Investment Company,
Hong Kong

Author, collaborated in writing, “Banzai You Bastards”, true
story of Jack Edwards, held POW by
during W.W.II in

“New Hong Kong”, novel about 1997 return of Hong Kong


1981-1985                 Advantage Systems
Tampa, Florida
                                    Founder and President
Computer Sales and Support Company


1978-1981                 Arch Roberts & Co.
                                    Designer and Installer of Computerized Office
St. Petersburg, Florida
                                    Municipal Bond Dealer


1975-1978                 Walter-Ashebrenner Enterprises
Tampa, Florida
                                    Automobile Wholesale


1973-1975                 Great American Photon Fuel Company
Tampa, Florida
Founder and President
Solar Energy Research and Development


1971-1973                 Joe Snyder & Company
New York, NY
                                    Vice President
                                    Financial Public Relations


1969-1971                 Jim Walter Corporation
Tampa, Florida
                                    Management Trainee




1966                           University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill
, North Carolina

Phi Eta Sigma (freshman Honors Society)


1965                           University of North Carolina
                                    Morehead Scholarship


1965                           Asheville School for Boys (Prep School)
Asheville, North Carolina

Graduated Cum Laude

                                    Mathematics Prize

                                    Chemistry Prize

                                    Physics Prize




1965-1969                 University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
B.S. in Business Administration


1961-1965                 Asheville School for Boys
Asheville, North Carolina
Graduated Cum Laude