Eliminate The Tax System To Spur Productivity


The tax system perverts work. Executives spend their time avoiding taxes rather than improving products and systems. Huge sections of the economy are a waste such as tax accountants, tax prisons, the IRS, tax courts, tax lawyers, tax prosecutors, etc. The savings would be astronomical. Moreover, everyone hates taxes and the government for imposing them. By eliminating them, we would have a much happier society.


How? Print the money needed. Germany ’s and Argentina ’s destructive inflation experiences were extreme and stupid. Anything done to the extreme is bad. Today the government borrows it to with no intention or paying it back. That is an extreme thing to do. We, the people, end up paying perpetually increasing interest to people who do nothing – bankers and coupon clippers. If we trust the government to borrow, it is the same as trusting them to print. We can limit the printing, by constitutional amendments, to a percentage of the GNP except in time of war or depression. Inflation only occurs when you print more money than there are goods and services being produced. In fact, you must print more money to keep up with the increased production of an expanding economy or people will not have the money to buy the increased volume of new products.